Thursday, September 4, 2014

3,000 police static:Daily Sun

 Constable Badrul Ahsan Talukdar alias Eleyas Bachchu has been working at police headquarters (PHQ) for about 18 years. After various allegations came up, he was transferred to Barisal range in 2011. But canceling the transfer order through political lobbying he managed to stay back at old workplace. When allegations were raised again, he was transferred to Sherpur district one and half years ago.
But showing the reason of illness he did not even join the new station. It is alleged that he has earned crores of Taka by indulging in lobbying business. The same allegation is against Jasim Uddin, Assistant Sub-Inspector of Shyampur police station, in Dhaka. He is discharging duties in Wari zone for last 10 years. He also alleged to have earned huge properties in that area. It is learned that in this way, at least 3,000 cops across the country have been serving by rotation in same police station, zone, district, metropolitan area and range. There is instance of staying safely at the same place for 5 to 20 years. Remaining in the same town or range many cops have become inspector and even up to assistant police super by getting promotion. Even after that they have not been transferred. It is also observed that on the charge of gross offence some police officials are transferred as punishment to other districts. But remaining there for about a month they return to the old district. Even after transfer orders are issued against them from the PHQ, these are foiled for mysterious reason. Whereas it is clearly stated in police rule that no cop will be allowed to stay for two years at the same place. However, the authority can extend the time for some days for special necessity. Due to their stay for longer time at the same place police personnel develop nexus with dishonest circle and are involved in criminal activities. As a result the law and order situation of that area goes out of control. However, the main motive of remaining for long at the same place is amassing huge wealth illegally. A good number of information and proof have been received through investigation. Besides, an intelligence agency has also prepared the list of such dishonest police personnel, it is learned. It is learned that Badrul Ahsan Talukdar possesses a 1500 square feet flat adjacent to Mizan Tower in Kalyanpur in Dhaka and also another flat in Shahjahanpur. The flat at Kalyanpur was purchased in the name of his first wife Shirin. There is bank balance in the name of second wife Aklima. Besides there is an investment of about Tk 1 crore in the shares of several companies including Malek Spinning, IFIC bank and Becon group. He has constructed a three story market at Maijhati Bazaar in Ishwarganj Upazila of Mymensingh District. By the side of the market he has set up a fish enclosure on two acres of land. It is supervised by manager Ekhlas Master. Moreover, Badrul Ahsan has also constructed a house in that area. Several phone calls were made to Badrul Ahsan to get his comments but he did not pick up the phone. A number of 83 police personnel including Siddhirganj Thana OC Abdul Matin were transferred following Narayanganj-7 killings on April 27. All of them were doing job in Narayanganj during a period ranging from 5 to 7 years resulting in their close relations with the criminals there. Eminent lawyer Dr Shahdeen Malik said officials of every department are bound to obey service rules. Police are not an exception. But, the way politicians are using police, they cannot be shifted from one place to another even after issuance of transfer order. They have been doing job in a single police station or range for years. As a result, they are in close proximity of the offenders. It seems that police have no service rule. The state is not taking any step in this regard. The police and their patrons are being benefited from this incident. Security analyst Maj Gen (retd) Abdur Rashid said all the agencies including police have separate policies. It is imperative to take decision against those who are doing marathon job at a particular police station, range and town. The incident of close relations between police and local influential and politicians for doing job in a place for long time is not unusual. State Minister for Home Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said police ought to discharge their functions within the bounds of their service rules. They should not liger their job at a particular station. Cancellation of transfer order is not acceptable. The authorities concerned are expected to take step against those who are doing job at a single place for long. Inspector General of Police Hasan Mahmood Khandker said many officials are posted to same range and district for administrative reason. Sometimes, they are allowed to stay at a single place on humanitarian ground. But the officials are being transferred after two years of service in a place. He cautioned that if anybody amassed illegal property by making close relations with offenders, he/she will be punished. He said none belonging to police profession will be allowed to commit corruption. Tarnishing image of the force will not be tolerated. Many police officials have already faced punishment on various charges. Sources said the police officers who had been transferred on August 25 last year are: Police Commissioner Md Shamsuddin from Barisal Metropolitan Police (BMP) to Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP), Police Commissioner Shafiqur Rahman from Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP) to Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP), Police Commissioner SM Moniruzzaman from Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP) to DIG Khulna Range and DIG (Current Charge) Saibal Kanti Chowdhury of CID Dhaka to BMP Commissioner. In addition, the other police officers who had been transferred are: Narail SP SM Fazlur Rahman, who returned home from UN Mission was made the deputy police commissioner of Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP), commandant of Betbunia (SP), who was made the SP of PBI- Dhaka, AIG of police headquarters Md Sibgat Ullah was made the SP of 5th APBN- Dhaka, Bandarban SP Md Kamrul Hasan was made the AIG of police headquarters, SP Md Asaduzzaman of Barisal Range was made the AIG of police headquarters, SP Debdas Bhattacharya of Rangpur Range was made the SP of Bandarban, SP AKM Nahidul Islam of Rajshahi Range was made the SP of Meherpur, SP of Meherepur Md Mofazzal Hossain was made the SP of Highway Police of Madaripur zone and AIG Md Mushfequr Rahman of police headquarters was made the deputy police commissioner of Sylhet Metropolitan Police. Among them, though some of the officers joined their places of the new posting, most of the officers are still staying in their previous posts. Some days ago, CMP Commissioner Shafiqul Islam was transferred as the DIG of Chittagong Range. A Kaler Kontho investigation revealed that members of the police force working in the same place for long time are: Engr Bonoj Kumar Majumder, acting Commissioner, Chittagong for 6 years (earlier he was the Police Super of Cox’s Bazar), CMP ADC (West) Tanvir Ahmed for 8 years, Kotwali Thana OC AKM Mohiuddin Selim for 8 years (CPM and Chittagong District), Panchlaish Thana OC Mohiuddin Mahmud, CMP and Chittgaong Range for 8 years, Doublemooring Thana OC Mataul Islam, CMP and Chittagong Range for 8 years, Inspector Babul Voumik, Abu Zafar and Md Omar Faruk, CMP and Chittagong Range for 10 years. Beside more than 5 hundred SI and constable has been working under CMP since 5 to 10 years. DIG Makbul Hossain Bhuiyan, Sylhet Range for 8 years, former OC of Sadar Thana of Hobigang and incumbent DB Inspector of Sylhet Mozammel Haque for 7 years, Sylhet Kotwali Thana OC Mohammad Mobassir for 6 years, ASI Shafiqul Islam for 4 years, ASI Yar Hossain for 4 years, SI Gazi Abdul Quyum, Sylhet Range for 6 years, SI Foyez Uddin for 6 years, constable Waliullah for 19 years, constable Jibon Mia for 19 years, Kamal Uddin for 6 years, SI Abdul Khaleq for 6 years, Jahangir Hossian Sarkar for 5 years, ASI Md Abdus Sattar for 16 years, Mizanur Rahman for 15 years, constable Aftab Ali for 16 years, constable Moyna Mia for 16 years, constable Amir Hossain for 13 years, constable Shafiqul Islam for 11 years, SI Aslam of Hobiganj district for 8 years, Pravakor Roy for 8b years, ASI Islam Hossain for 18 years, Narayna Gupta for 16 years, constable Showkat Ali for 19 years, Gazi Jahangir Alam for 20 years, Farhad Hossain for 20 years, Abul Kalam Azad for 20 years, Mirpur Thana OC Salahuddin Ahmed Khan, DMP for 7 years, former OC Kafrul Thana Kazi Wazed Ali, DMP for 12 years, Uttara West Thana OC Rafiqul Islam for 7 years, Uttara Zone DC Nisarul Arif for 7 years, ASI Milon, Police Headquarters for 12 years, City SB SI Bosu Mia for 19 years, SI Saharul (SB) for 10 years, ASI Rafiqul Islam (SB) for 10 years, constable Delwar Hossain (SB) for 10 years, SI Nasim (DB) for 14 years, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Thana OC Momin Hossain for 8 years, OC (Ramna) Shibli Noman for 7 years, SI Kabir (DB) for 8 years, Kodomtali Thana SI Kibria for 8 years, Jatrabari Thana OC Oboni Shanker (Wari Zone) for 9 years, Tejgaon Thana OC Mazharul Islam (DMP) for 8 years, Khilgaon Thana OC Sheikh Serajul Islam for 7 years, Ramna OC Moshiur Rahman for 7 years, BMP (Basisal) Kotwali Thana ASI Rafiqul Islam for 12 years, Ujirpur Thana OC Anwar Hossain for 12 years, Kotwali Model Thana SI Mohiuddin for 6 yaers, Kotwali Thana OC Shakhawat Hossain (BMP) for 6 years, Kotwali Thana SI Delwar Hossain for 8 years, SI Samad (Barisal Court) for 10 years, Court Inspector Shahid Shukrana (Mymensingh District) for 6 years, Ishwardi Thana OC S Alam for 6 years, City SB (Dhaka) Inspector Abu Taleb for 6 years, DB Inspector (DMP) for 8 years, Dhaka district SI Shahadat Hossain for 12 years, Lalbagh Zone Deputy Police Commissioner Harun-or-Rashid for 7 years. Recently Harun transferred to Gazipur district. An officer of Police Headquarter told Kaler Kontho, “Police officers and constables find treasures while performing at a same station for long time. But no measures are taken against them since they maintained political links.” Courtesy: Kaler Kantho