Sunday, December 21, 2014

BNP top leaders inactive ahead of movement:Daily Sun

 A number of BNP senior leaders are seen inactive for the organisational activities despite party chairperson Khaleda Zia�s repeated calls to wage a tougher movement. Sources said most of the top and senior leaders are becoming inactive ahead of movement on the pretext of old-age complications and sickness. Seniors are becoming lax in gearing up the party activities at a time when the BNP chief is
addressing public rallies and urging her party men and other people to take part in movement. She also asked the leaders and activists to remain prepared for movement with the highest sacrifice. She assured the grassroots of her party that she and top leaders will take to street during the movement. Meanwhile, Khaleda Zia held meetings with senior leaders and asked them to become active and take to street during movement. But they are tactfully avoiding her. In this circumstance, a mixed reaction arose in the party while they fear another failure to carry out a successful movement in future. �We have many senior and wise leaders who are now almost inactive in the party, but are intelligent politicians. If they remain aware, other leaders and activists will inspire to wage movement,� a leader told daily sun. The sources in the party said most of BNP standing committee members are now inactive. Even they don�t attend the party�s central programmes and stand aloof from the party chief. Party-insiders said senior leaders aren�t happy with Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman for different reasons. �The senior leaders are being ignored with distain in the party�s policymaking activities,� a top leader of the party said. He further said a number of top leaders are not happy with Khaleda Zia, Tarique Rahman and they are not satisfied with party�s current activities. �Although they do not join with other political parties, they have lost their interest in doing politics,� another leader said. Party sources said BNP leaders RA Gani, Mahbubur Rahman, Moudud Ahmed, Tariqul Islam, M Shamsul Islam, Jamiruddin Sircar, MK Anwar, Sarwari Rahman, Sadeque Hossain Khoka, justice TH Khan and Shah Mofazaal Hossain are now staying away from the party activities. BNP standing committee member Shamsul Islam has been away from party activities for long as the party claims he is sick. Standing committee members � Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain and Slahuddin Quader Chowdhury � are in jail. Khoka is staying abroad while Abdus Salam Pintu is in jail. Most of senior leaders are maintaining distance from the party activities as they are not happy with the BNP chairperson and her elder son. They are also not agreed with the strategy for movement, sources added. Veteran and wise politicians Moudud Ahmed and Tariqul Islam are away from the party activities for long. �The grassroots want to see Tariqul Islam as secretary-general of the party. But he doesn�t want to take the responsibility as he wants to avoid Khaleda Zia. Now businessmen, reformists, betrayers get importance in the party,� said a BNP leader. A number of BNP leaders and workers said senior leaders are now away from Khaleda Zia and her party activities for different reasons, including relationship with Jamaat. Senior leaders are also divided over the issue of dialogue with the government. Meanwhile, most of BNP leaders are now unhappy with Tarique Rahman for his �controversial� speech about Bangabandhu. It was learnt from his close aides that he is making speeches in a bid to hurt the ruling party leaders mentally. Some senior leaders viewed that Tarique adopted many immature strategy under the influence of his young associates, causing harm for his party.